Greetings from the Owners
Dwight & Laurie Patterson, Owners of Xitech Inc.


Xitech has been our conduit for spreading Joy, Hope, and God-Blessings to this world we live in.  Our Joy has come from creating technology that protects our planet’s drinking water sources that reside below ground.  Our Hope is that we have created technology that will remove spilled pollutants fast enough to preserve nearby public or private drinking water wells and water resources.  Our God-Blessings come when our Customers express their Joy in our products.

We remain fully committed to this wonderful rewarding activity, and we invite all of you with similar aspirations to join us in making our world a better place in which to live.

Best regards always,

Dwight & Laurie Patterson
Xitech’s Parents

Xitech's Mission
Xitech Instruments, Inc. has established itself as a leader in the global environmental cleanup equipment market. We are a family-owned business that has been perfecting pneumatic skimming technology for over 23 years. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and services to the environmental sector. We add value to every operation by providing you with the best equipment for your site. Our goal is to maximize free product recovery, while minimizing maintenance and recovery of groundwater.
Xitech  Accomplishments

Xitech was the first U.S. manufacturer to sell a Free Product Oil Skimmer with a built-in (auto pump) feature.  This built-in air logic valve has eliminated bulky, costly above ground pump controls.  See our patent United States #5326458.

 Xitech was the first U.S. manufacturer to offer a skimmer with a single float assembly that included a hydrophobic membrane inlet and specific gravity inlet.  This dual entry float design provided high volume recovery and removal of free product to a sheen.  See our patent United States #5326458.

Xitech was the first U.S. manufacturer to offer a controller that operated skimmers intermittently.  When you operate a skimmer intermittently, you avoid the “Water Donut Effect” which prevents the recovery of free product in the formation.

Xitech was the first U.S. manufacturer to offer 5 feet of float travel.  This extra travel made it possible to operate in tidally influenced groundwater.

Xitech was the first U.S. manufacturer to offer a finger heater-high temp oil skimmer combination for recovering very heavy free floating product.  The 75 watt finger heater was used to lower viscosity and increase radius of influence of heavy LNAPL’s like #6 fuel oil.

Xitech was the first U.S. manufacturer to teach the 1/2 rule for recovering LNAPL from the formation.  The 1/2 rule provides an easy way to avoid the “Water Donut Effect” and extend the radius of influence of the recovery well.

Xitech is the only U.S. manufacturer to offer central multi-well skimmer and groundwater pump controllers.

Xitech is the only U.S. manufacturer to offer full redundant product tank over-fill protection. There are many sites that have product holding tanks near a property boundary or a sensitive area. These sites make it imperative that skimming system technology prevent a tank over flow situation.

Over the past 30 years Xitech has had the opportunity to demonstrate the power of our recovery systems in a countless variety of applications. Every situation is unique, and we have the technical experience and reliable equipment needed to achieve success in any operation on any site.